If you live in the area you probably already know the Austin Metro area is booming.  The economy is strong and home values are increasing. Some of the best values with even more future upside are in the outer areas that have the room to expand physically.  Leander is one of those areas.  The Austin Metro is blessed with several outstanding school districts and schools which are working to accommodate this growth and  Leander Independent School District is one of those that is working hard to accommodate the growth and provide quality education.  Here are some interesting facts from a recent presentation by Matt Smith, Deputy Superintendent of LISD.

• Their school buses travel a total of more than 14,000 miles per day
• They serve 15,000 lunches per day
• They add approximately 1,000 more students per year
• Current plans are to add 10 schools over the next 10 years (7 elementary, 2 middle,  1 high)
• They are the 14th fastest growing school district in Texas

Spring is around the Corner

As we come into the prime selling season, the Austin real estate market is still strong.  The average and median home prices continue to rise.  Now that spring is almost here, it is a good time to spruce up your landscaping before putting your home on the market.  First impressions of your home include the landscaping.  It is inexpensive to do some trimming and mulching which will be rewarded in the ability to sell your home at the best price.

Happy Holidays!

We are frequently asked, “what is the best time of year to sell (or buy) a home?”   The best answer is, “it depends on your individual needs.”   Traditionally the spring and summer are the most active residential real estate markets.  However, if you have just had an economic change in your life that prevents you from affording your house, it makes no sense to keep it until the more active time of year or if all of the cousins and uncles are planning on coming for the holidays you may want to postpone a discretionary change of homes.  So, analyzing the pros and cons is always important in making the decision.

There are always people selling and buying no matter what time of year.  Some advantages of selling a home in the fall and winter time frame are that during this time of year there are less homes competing on market and the buyers looking at this time are more seriously motivated buyers.  On the other side if you are a buyer you may find that sellers are more motivated to sell and also, you may have less competition from other buyers when you make an offer.